Welcome to Facides Dione!

Facides Dione is the studyassociation of (I)FM

Since the academic year of 2004 - 2005 is Facides Dione alive again! In the current academic year are there different activities organised what makes (International) Facility Management an wider and sociable education.

Facides Dione is the studyassociation of (International) Facility Management of the Hanzehogeschool of Groningen. The name Facides Dione was conceived when the education was named: Facility Service Grant. Facides means 'filled/with content', Dione come from Dionysus, the god of the wine and 'madness'. So Facides Dione stands for an assocication with content, but with also the sociale aspects! On this moment Facides Dione has more then 1000 members. In the thirteen years Facides Dione is alive we have organised a lot of great events!


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